Interview Mistakes to Stay Away From

Our guest blogger today is William Frierson, staff writer for YourResumeConsultant.

Now that we have rung in 2012, it is time to start (or restart) your job search. Of course, you are going to need a quality resume to help you in this process; however, what type is best to use? There are two resume formats to consider: the chronological resume and the functional resume.

interview mistakes

More experienced job seekers can use the chronological resume. This resume emphasizes your work history; it includes an objective and/or summary statement of your career status, along with a list of the jobs you’ve had (starting with the most recent job). Add your education, certifications, and skills below your work history.

A functional resume is a good resume format for job seekers with no or little work experience. It focuses on your education, skills, and abilities, instead of work experience. However, be sure to provide any experience you do have at the end of your resume.

Building a quality resume is one key to a successful job search. Using the right resume format based on your career status is likely to capture more employers’ interests in you as a candidate.